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“Friend or Foe?”.A primordial inquiry of almost any culture. This very query has fueled many a fight both in the course of time and in the breadth of space.                   With loads of knowledge unbeknownst to them, peoples have resorted to occult powers to repel the so-called evil eyes and spirits. Abundant amulets and talismans of today speak of such a ubiquity of this belief that one can readily conjure up the following wizard chant spoken into the ears of our ancestors:

“March with a charm…Succumb to no harm!”

Rhetorical powers, too, joined. Mantras, prayers, words, and letters all lent a spelling hand either to invoke or to revoke a spell. Soon, the men of sword were also sporting words. Sasan Nasernia, with Talismania, has put on canvas subtle picto-verbal amalgamations inspired by the historic as well as mythical allusions to the human struggles against surroundings, others, and self. Through the filter of the artist’s dexterity and creativity, the juxtaposition of figures and alphabets provides a pendular journey between reality and imagination.


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