Crazy Koufi comes to life!


Crazy Koufi comes to life!

After years and years of writing, trying different styles and formats of calligraphy, I have come to realize that now I can point at a kind of personal language in my writing. Of course what can be seen and felt in my ‘style’ (if I am allowed to use the term), are the various influences from all calligraphic traditions of the Islamic Civilization, and calligraphy masters –  past and present – which come to a sort of congregation in my disposal. What makes my happy and continue to explore different possibilities in this realm, is the dynamism between two notions of chaos and order. By applying these to opposing elements to my compositions, I tend to let the letter forms to collide and interact with each-other and with – some times – external forces (present and hidden). Without delving into too much of sophistication about it, I simply enjoy playing with the idea and will continue to present it with utmost vigor and enthusiasm. So ladies and gentlemen, here you are. Sit back and enjoy the vibrant creations of this nu-calligraphic style : “Crazy Koufi ”

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Crazy Koufi 2


Crazy Koufi 4


Crazy Koufi 6


Crazy Koufi 7


Crazy Koufi 10