Crazy Koufi comes to life!

  Crazy Koufi comes to life! After years and years of writing, trying different styles and formats of calligraphy, I have come to realize that now I can point at a kind of personal language in my writing. Of course what can be seen and felt in my ‘style’ (if I am allowed to use Read More >>

Primordial Encounter February 2016

    Primordial Encounter   Painting has always been a serious challenge for me; a challenge that originates from my vision in comparing and contrasting the heterogeneous entities of the world. My paintings portray the repercussions of the personal analytic contemplations I attempt to have about these contradictions. Script is a recurring legacy that could be nostalgic and/or Read More >>

Exhibition Photo Gallery October 2014

      Talismania   … “Friend or Foe?”.A primordial inquiry of almost any culture. This very query has fueled many a fight both in the course of time and in the breadth of space.                   With loads of knowledge unbeknownst to them, peoples have resorted to Read More >>

My Little Musical Endeavor

I thought it would make some sense to add a piece of information here to my blog, revolving around my passion for music and an inherent resilience which resulted in some really interesting experience,…so here we go:       I’m part of the MTV generation. Those were times when in absence of satellite, and Read More >>

Exhibition Photo Gallery February 2014

  ‘Eclectic: Objects of Conflict’, his first solo show at J+A Gallery, Sasan Nasernia presents paintings, along with mixed media and collage works, inspired by the on-going regional human history of conflict and communication. His works are playing with familiar concepts and aesthetics, with traditional patterns and shapes from the region he is living in. Read More >>

Exhibition Photo Gallery 2013

          Echoes of Undone, 2013, Pro Art Gallery Artist’s Statement   What is history? What role does it play in our lives? Does it have a living presence or is it just a corpse to be disposed of? As i started asking these questions about the last 200 years of history Read More >>

DKNY Global Art Project

    Almost 20 years after DKNY’s iconic Houston and Broadway mural in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, DKNY has asked 6 international Artists to create their own original design inspired by the soul and the energy of NYC to be translated into billboard(s). Working within the DKNY letters, the billboard is to serve as Read More >>