DKNY Global Art Project

DKNY Iconic mural



Almost 20 years after DKNY’s iconic Houston and Broadway mural in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, DKNY has asked 6 international Artists to create their own original design inspired by the soul and the energy of NYC to be translated into billboard(s). Working within the DKNY letters, the billboard is to serve as a window into NYC in the Artist’s home city in order to celebrate what NYC means today. In search for the artist whose work would represent the city of Dubai in this project, DKNY approached Nasernia and offered him to be part of the collaboration. As the main reason for choosing Nasernia, DKNY stated: “DKNY loves the bold and vibrant nature of Sasan’s calligraphy paintings”.


Sheikh Zayed Road DKNY Hoarding



The inspiration behind the design, is taken from the famous slogan :”I love NY” which in response to it the words “I love Dubai”also has been introduced to it. Arabic calligraphic manuscript of both interact and mix as a backdrop for DKNY logo, expressing an ever-vibrant and exciting cultural dialogue between the two metropolises. ( )

Also you may check a short promo video about the project  here: (